Frequently asked questions

Is DejaView Free-to-use?

Yes and No.

You can download DejaView for free and also check out every feature of the app. How often did you buy an app, only to find out, it does not do, what it should be doing or it was awefully designed?

DejaView is try-before-you-buy. You can create various cards, make use of widgets and all other features. This enables you to check, if the app fits your needs, is appealing and working within your personal workflow - no account or registration required.

However: QR codes are obstructed with a small banner and therefore can’t be scanned. Simply get DejaView Pro to unlock QR codes. It’s a one-time purchase and comes with a lifetime license – no ads, no subscription.

Why does the app need access to my contacts? Can I use the app without this feature?

Of course, you can! Access to your contacts is only needed, when using Auto-Updating.

However you can choose to manually update your cards and therefore manually select your contact - no access to your contacts required.

See „Access to Contacts - technical aspects“ for more details.

Why isn’t the contact profile picture part of sharing the QR code?

The picture can’t be included in the sharing, when scanning the QR code, as it is not a part of the QR code.

While the contact picture can technically be part of a vCard file - it can't be part of a vCard QR code.

The reason is pretty straightforward: the space for a picture in a QR code is not enough, because a QR code can only contain up to 4096 characters and a picture has way more characters.

Can I add my cards to Apple Wallet?

Currently, adding your cards to Apple Wallet is not supported.

The challenge behind Wallet-support is, that "In order to be recognized by Wallet, passes must be signed with an Apple-issued certificate". This normally can't be done on the device itself and needs a signing server involved. But DejaView’s architecture does not involve any servers or services - everything is processed on-device.

Access to Contacts - technical aspects

Access to your contacts is needed to auto-update your Business Card(s).

When e.g. selecting the photo for your card, YOU are the one accessing the Photos app and choosing the one photo you want DejaView to use. That's it - there isn't a connection established between the Photos app and DejaView, DejaView has just received the photo and can't access the Photos app on its own. Therefore you are not asked for "permission to access Photos app" - this simply is not necessary for DejaView to work.

Selecting your contact to use for your card, works quite similar: DejaView just receives the one contact you selected and want the app to use, nothing more.

BUT in order to auto-update your card, DejaView needs to access contacts on its own and therefore needs permission to access your contacts.

While e.g. for the photos app iOS offers to select only specific images to share with an app when the app asks for access to your photos, this isn't the case with the contacts app. When an app ask for permission to access your contacts, it is "all or nothing" - you have to deny this request or allow access to ALL your contacts.

We can assure you, that your information never leaves your device and DejaView (while having the permission to access all your contacts) only accesses the contact you have connected to your DejaView Business Card.

Why do I have to re-select my contact, when editing my Business Card?

This is probably happening because you denied access to contacts.

Without access to contacts, DejaView can’t load your card’s contact by itself - you have to re-select it every time you want to make changes to your card.

Besides the QR Code, URL and the card details, DejaView does not save any personal information from your selected contact. So when you edit your card, DejaView needs to load the contact from your contacts. With access to contacts denied, the app can’t do this on its own and needs you to select the appropriate contact.

When developing DejaView we opted for saving as less personal data as possible to the app. For this reason, the app persists which informations should be included in the QR code, but not the information itself.